Resources for Anglo-Saxon England

Separately I have listed a bibliography for the writing of Alfred of Wessex, and below is a selection of magazines and websites that are useful as resources for Alfred the Great, Wessex and Anglo-Saxon England more generally.

If you would like to propose others to add, please let me know:

Ða Engliscan Gesiðas (The English Companions)

The English Companions is a society that promotes interest in and research into the Anglo-Saxon era (CE 400-1100). Members have access to a magazine, while the website has articles and information about the period and the language of the period.

The society also has a very informative Facebook page: The English Companions’ Anglo-Saxon History, Culture and Language | Facebook

The Dark Ages Society

The Dark Ages Society are a re-enactment society, who recreate life in Britain in the time of King Alfred the Great. They re-enact not just battle and skirmishes, but crafts, feasting and entertainment. The Society’s Facebook page is: Dark Ages Society – Historical Re-Enactment | Facebook

Regia Anglorum

Regia Anglorum recreate early medieval history, whether battles or crafts etc. Their website also has a huge amount of information in their Regiapædia.

Facebook Groups:

The English Companions

Anglo-Saxon History and Language

Anglo-Saxon Society

Alfred the Great, King of Wessex, Founder of England

Anglo Saxon Chronicle publishes papers on a vast array of subjects. Put in your interest in Anglo-Saxon England, etc, to be emailed academic papers on the subject.