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I have two writing personas, one as Mike Carden writing humorous books of my cycle travels, the second as Michael Carden, which sounds much more serious. In that persona I have turned my attention to historical novels.

My cycling books are published under the heading Bike Ride Books.

My first historical novel is ‘Alfred of Wessex‘, of which the first book is ‘Inheritance‘. This charts the life of one of the greatest historical figures, Alfred the Great.

Bike Ride Books

by Mike Carden

There are three books in this series of humorous cycling travelogues, with reviews such as “Warm, well observed, unpretentious and very funny.”

You can read more on the whole Bike Ride Books story here, or click on the books below for more on each book. All are available on Amazon.

Mike Carden and Michael Carden - Author Page - Bike Ride Books

The Full English

Pedalling through England, Mid-Life Crisis and Truly Rampant Man-Flu

‘The sort of book that can put a smile on your face even when it is cold, grey Winter outside.’

A Bit Scott-ish

Pedalling through Scotland in Search of Adventure, Nature and Lemon Drizzle Cake

‘Loaded with yet more laughs, yes, but also pathos and a certain infectious wonderment at the sheer diversity of humankind.

A Lake District Grand Tour

Pedalling through Lakeland:
The Challenge, The History, The Wildlife, The Scones

A sense of humour in abundance.

Alfred of Wessex

by Michael Carden

Book One


Now available on Amazon as an e-book and paperback, the first book of the historical novel Alfred of Wessex.

The Kingdom of Wessex is under threat of invasion from the Danes and is divided by rivalries. A young Alfred is thrust into the midst of war and intrigue.

This is the story of Alfred, youngest brother of the Kings of Wessex, who only centuries later would be known as ‘Alfred the Great’.

Alfred of Wessex is based around real historical events during the defence of Anglo-Saxon Wessex, as viking raids turned into full-scale invasion by the pagan Danes.

In Inheritance, the first book in the series, the Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms of Wessex, Mercia, Northumbria and East Anglia face a gathering storm of Danes threatening destruction and occupation.

Amongst all this, the Kingdom of Wessex is split by rivalries. Who should be King and lead the defence of the Kingdom? How can Wessex avoid catastrophe: is this the end of Wessex itself?

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