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Alfred of Wessex, Book One: Inheritance

Amazon rank, December 2023
  • “King Alfred.” “Excellent reading, fast moving and historically accurate, if your a fan of “The Last Kingdom” this is one for you, can’t wait for the next in the series”
  • “Gripping.” “I am just developing an interest in this early period. I thank the author who brought the world of Alfred alive. Well written & obviously thoroughly researched.”
  • “Alfred of Wessex.” “Fantastic read brilliant descriptions of the battle scenes I felt I was there. Michael Carden you have just gotten yourself a fan more please .Can’t wait for your next book.”
  • “Tries to get inside the mind of Alfred and his Danish foes.” “The author spins a great yarn, joining the dots of the very few facts that are known about one of England’s earliest heroes. I’m not sure what you call this genre – reality history? fictional history based on fact? It doesn’t really matter as Carden has done a great job getting inside Alfred’s mind and the minds of those around him and those he was forced to fight or negotiate with to defend his kingdom.”
  • “Thoroughly enjoyable.” “The author has done an amazing job of bringing the characters to life and weaving what we know of the history into a compelling and very readable narrative. Highly recommended!”

Alfred of Wessex, Book Two: Vengeance

  • “Brilliant read” “I really enjoyed reading this, I couldn’t put it down even when I needed to go to bed or be part of the real world! It is a fantastic follow up from the first in the trilogy.”
  • “Great Expectations” “I came to Mr Carden’s 2nd book in his Alfred of Wessex series with, & forgive me, great expectations! Was I disappointed? I enjoyed Book One, & I feasted on this. I love the history, the fact & the fiction, & the knowledge & writing skill of this author. He blends and he crafts & is fast becoming one of my favourite historical fiction writers, but for me has established the number one spot of all the writers I have read ( & they are numerous) of this period of English history & certainly those that feature the iconic Alfred, King of Wessex.”
  • “Alfred of Wessex Mike Carden” “What a great read. Made you feel as if you were with Alfred as part of his bodyguard. Although vast parts of the story were added too by author it was very well written. Hope there are more from this brilliant author.”
  • “Thrilling.” “After reading book 1, which left me wanting more, I purchased book 2 and spent the first night awake all night reading it. Now finished, and SO looking forward to book 3 when printed.The story line keeps you gripped and wanting more. Most definitely worth the purchase.”

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Goodreads Community Reviews, January 2024

Alfred of Wessex, Book One: Inheritance

  • Love Last Kingdom???” “Great historical fiction. This hits on one best and little fictionalized period in English history. Great writing and storytelling. I’m waiting patiently for the second book.”
  • “First class.” “First class book regarding Alfred King of Wessex. Action packed. Brilliant storyline. Actually felt part of the narrative. Anxiously awaiting book two. Thank you.”
  • I am so glad to have read this book as it opened up a thousand years of history to me.” “I learned a lot and would recommend this book. It’s also an easy read.”
  • “Very good historical fiction.”

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Alfred of Wessex, Book One: Inheritance

  • “Read Inheritance absolutely brilliant was hard to put down, looking forward to book 2.”
  • “I am a big Cornwell fan, but your book comes very close……”
  • “Really enjoying this book and looking forward to the next one. Definitely worth getting”
  • “I read the first novel & enjoyed it and will certainly get the second. There are of course countless biographies, academic & fiction, faction publications & I always seek to view them on their terms. Writers of historical fiction can and do offer so much to those of us interested in particular eras. Thank you to this author!”

Alfred of Wessex, Book Two: Vengeance

  • “A cracking book, you have done it again.”
  • “Excellent read, finished in 3 days!!”
  • “I’ve just finished Vengeance. Loved these books , I was able to immerse myself into the stories as live in ‘Wessex’. Looking forward to book 3 in the near future.”
  • “5* at least. Excellent book as well as part 1. Awaiting book 3”
  • “Have just finished both books so enjoyed reading them.”
  • “Well, what can I say? Bought book 1 started reading end of January. Book 2 bought and read already. Couldn’t hardly put them down. 1 month to read both books is a miracle for me, usually takes me 2-3 months to read a book!! Looks forward to book 3. Keep up the good work Mike.”

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