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Alfred of Wessex, Book One: Inheritance


Alfred of Wessex, Book Two: Vengeance

Alfred of Wessex is the story of the youngest brother of the Kings of Wessex, who only centuries later would be known as ‘Alfred the Great’. The first part has been published as ‘Alfred of Wessex. Book One: Inheritance‘.

The novel is based around real historical events during the defence of Anglo-Saxon Wessex, as viking raids turned into full-scale invasion by the pagan Danes.

In Inheritance, the Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms of Wessex, Mercia, Northumbria and East Anglia face a gathering storm of Danes threatening destruction and occupation.

Amongst all this, the Kingdom of Wessex is split by rivalries. Who should be heir to Alfred’s brother’s Kingdom? The King’s Council of Ealdormen is divided. Powerful voices back King Ethelred’s boys as future Kings, while Alfred, with little experience of war or politics, must decide if he truly wants the Kingship and to become the leader in a series of battles that will decide the future of Wessex.

“A thrilling book.”

“Really enjoying this book and looking forward to the next one.”


Reviews by readers on Amazon:

  • I like historical novels and to be honest this is a very good read.
  • Moves along at a fast pace hard to put down.
  • First class book regarding Alfred King of Wessex. Action packed. Brilliant storyline. Actually felt part of the narrative.

The series continues with Alfred of Wessex. Book Two: Vengeance.

Both books are available as paperbacks, e-books and on Kindle Unlimited.

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